The modern man’s lifestyle melds the sartorial with the utilitarian, the dynamic with the essential. Our outerwear is the backbone of the contemporary wardrobe.

Spring Summer 2024

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of spring and the laid-back
elegance of summer, the Spring/Summer 2024 Outerwear Collection
showcases a range of styles that effortlessly blend fashion with functionality.
From sleek and tailored leather jackets to versatile and sophisticated trench
coats, each garment is designed to make a statement while providing the
utmost comfort and protection.

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All our jackets use water-repellent suede and leather. We use many techniques to keep our jackets as light as possible. Our base material is a Super Light Nappa with a thickness of just 0.3MM. We perforate some jackets, and apply a membrane to our unlined styles to protect the wearer and the jacket from close contact. We employ certified Loro Piana “Rain System” or “Storm System” for our fabrics. Linen, silk and cotton blends, as well as “Extreme Wool” and Black Sheep Wool all offer lightness and protection from the elements. As always, our jackets are detailed with suede. All lined garments in the Sannino Collection utilize a super soft cotton jersey.

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